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Baby Room

Ages: 3-15 months

Adult-Child Ratio: 1:3


We understand that all babies have their own routines, so we accommodate their parents’ wishes when it comes to things like nap time and feeding. Our staff will ensure that your little one gets plenty of tummy time to help them get stronger, and at the end of each day, your child’s caregiver will provide you with an information sheet detailing the day’s activities and other important information.

Our Baby Room has its own sleeping area to ensure that naps are peaceful, and its own outdoor play area to make sure your little one doesn’t miss out on the benefits of sunshine and fresh air. The room is also equipped with the best sensory, cause-and-effect, and musical toys, and so much more to encourage learning through safe play.

Wobbler Room

Ages: 1-2 years

Adult-Child Ratio: 1:5


Meal and nap times in our Wobbler Room are set out to help your little one get into a regular routine. At this age, they are finding their feet and will be encouraged and supported in becoming steady and coordinated through free play and exploration.

Each month is structured around a learning theme that is incorporated into our morning and evening activities, such as story time and sing-songs, messy play, and arts and crafts. A large variety of toys encourage your child to use their imagination while learning through play. Outdoor play is also essential, and our outdoor space is designed to provide your little one with a stimulating environment to help them grow.

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Toddler Room

Ages: 2-3 years

Adult-Child Ratio: 1:6


A day in our Toddler Room features structured and free play, along with fun challenges designed to develop little minds, and set meal times and rest periods. Story-telling and circle time encourage the development of your child’s linguistic skills, with dancing, role-play, table-top activities and much more to keep young children stimulated.

We work together with parents to ensure that the potty-training experience is enjoyable for each child when they are ready to take this big step. Outdoor play is encouraged with ride-on toys, push-and-pull toys, a sand and water tray, playhouse, and so much more – as long as the weather allows for it!

At the end of each day, parents receive an information sheet detailing nutrition, sleep-time, nappy changes, and all daily activities, allowing you to keep up-to-date on your child’s development and needs.


Ages: 3-4 years

Adult-Child Ratio: 1:8


For our Playschoolers, each day starts with sharing our news. Each child gets to tell the others about their life and interests, and we sing songs and learn our numbers, colours, and the alphabet.

A monthly theme gives the children a chance to explore and learn about a topic in-depth, through arts and crafts, role-playing, dress-up, stories and even experiments, all of which are structured into a routine that includes meal times and naps.

Free play gives our playschoolers the opportunity to develop their imaginations in play areas designed to simulate different environments, such as our home corner, construction corner, dress-up corner, and more, where children can use their own initiative and learn at their own pace.

At the end of each day, parents receive an information sheet detailing nutrition, sleep-time, nappy changes, and all daily activities, allowing you to keep up-to-date on your child’s development and needs.




Ages: ECCE age

Adult-Child Ratio: 1:11


Our Preschoolers follow the Aisteair curriculum, and our childcare practitioners adopt the approach of learning through play as they teach the children self-help and life skills, helping to make sure they are ready to make the transition to primary school.

Independence is encouraged, with the children completing small, manageable tasks such as hanging up their own coats and putting away their lunch boxes. The day starts with circle time where all the children contribute, and we use phonics to help with speech development and pronunciation.

Weather-permitting, each day will include outdoor play, as well as planned activities related to the monthly theme. The children are encouraged to be involved in the planning process and learn that their ideas, knowledge, interests, and opinions are valued. Playtime includes activities designed to develop fine motor skills, and each child completes an ‘About Me’ book through the course of the year, as well as a folder of all of our arts and crafts to take to our graduation show and party.


The Cre8ive Corner bus collects children from Scoil Ursula and the Gael Scoil, and on arrival they are provided with a freshly cooked, warm, nutritious meal.

After their meal, children are assisted with their homework, after which comes play time! The children are encouraged to take the lead in deciding what they would like to do, from arts and crafts to outdoor play on our all-weather grass surface, to cooking and baking.