Corporate Social Responsibility

Bridgestock Care is committed to having an overall positive impact in the communities in which we operate, and to taking responsibility for the impact of our activities on all our stakeholders. Our Corporate Social Responsibilities role is formally underpinned by our values:

Relationships – development of good relationship with all stakeholders and customers.

Business Ethics – compliance with all statutory and non-statutory environmental, health & safety, and financial regulations.

Exceeding Expectations – helping individuals, and ultimately the business, to grow and prosper beyond expectations.

Work/Life Balance – recognising that people have a life first and a job second.


From our humble beginnings in 2001, we have striven not only to deliver outstanding services, but to consistently exceed customer and client expectations in everything we do. We are no different here at Cre8ive Corner Créche.

Our CEO Michael Gillen sums up our Ethos and Culture:

“At Bridgestock Care, everyone goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. No matter who we deal with, whether they are customers, partners or associates, clients or suppliers, we ensure that they receive the personal touch. Our staff deliver service that reflects our understanding that our clients’ satisfaction is paramount to the future of our business.”